Want to edit some floor music for me?? P
forum tylth: Do you know the incedible [i]Elektrobank[/i] music video by The Chemical Brothers? Here it is: http: Yasminka12: Okay so I know this probably isnt the best place to ask for help on this but I do not know where els Read 2 comments
Best Electronic Music
forum crystal20: Some of the best Electronic Music tracks I have downloaded recently are from DjSubconscious check th Read 1 comment
tylth: VERY enjoyable [happy] mayhaps a bit weak around the bottom. but that’s just my taste. Read 1 comment
soundcloud links not working?
forum quip: should start a forum for ex-em411ers. tylth: the site and your country are falling apart! because obama. dug: LOL... looks like none of the links on the front page work anymore! Read 12 comments
Avatars De Lumière
dug: nice solid sounds - i like it. Read 1 comment
dug - live TE$T 2015
Cassette 1
Grace Valerie is Poised To Be The Greate
forum blabbermouth: Grace Valerie is poised to be the greatest impact on music since Lady Gaga, with her 2015 Hot summer Read 1 comment
What do you think of this? Sugar Sweet L
forum NinoWilson: Hello everyone!! I recently finished this song, its called Sugar Sweet Love. I really like to kno Read 1 comment
Formanta Polivoks soviet synthesizer wit
forum korgmp: Here for sale i have the legendary Formanta Polivoks soviet synthesizer, manufacturing date 1982. Read 1 comment
Looking for an old mixit...
forum dug: maybe check on the facebook group? https://www.facebook.com/groups/2341041890/permalink/101504874468 feuille: Hello everyone, I used to be here quite a lot years ago... Seems a long time. I'm actually loo Read 2 comments
forum AirSnare: Air Snare Records proudly presents [b] GUNTHER[/b] – Static EP [img]http://www.airsnare-record Read 1 comment
ocp - fugue
new and FREE soundtoys plugin, \'littl
forum hardvoltnine: that it is, totally loving it. mnkvolcno: this plugin is the shit FutureRenoit: get your free Little Altar Boy here: https://www.soundtoys.com/sxsw2015/&rc=386-3419-558 Read 3 comments
favourite ambient musicians & tools
forum Eotbr: i would suggest good old BoC if you haven't heard them already But if you are new to them, chec FutureRenoit: hey guys, I'm on an ambient tip these days, just wondering who your favourite ambient musicians Read 2 comments
Back in the day?
forum Jenoki: oh hay mnkvolcno: hi everyone nicknotis: Everyone's uses Soundcloud now too. It's a great service, but the Twitter like comments are e Read 7 comments
ocp - enlighten me if you will
doporto: Thanks for the support guys. Cheers ;) nicknotis: I really like the whole three track release. The structure, textures, and dynamics all really work Piano: Not bad! I like it. Read 3 comments
Space and Time
need some feedback on future garage/trip
forum sweatymitch: https://soundcloud.com/sweatsonsweats/lifelessons live mixing for the first time, just got a laun Read 1 comment
Central Orbitality Speed
forum funsize: https://soundcloud.com/salvatorvagus/sets/salvator-vagus funsize: http://youtu.be/E1xSNTp7Mhk?list=PLAmotmbmQPJsPFSdYchxM4GN1j_K8haOT Read 2 comments
[EdP071] VA - From Ritual to Romance
[EdP070] VA - The Golden Bough
[Christmas-Jungle] Jubal - Rampapampage
No Résumés
dug - live @ STFU 2014
The Handsomest Drowned Man - Circles
Segment II-B EP track
Cut Right To Standard
14CIRCLES - "Phone"
Give ME FEED BACK (electro house)
forum clamboni: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHcmfKrauGo&list=UUyPyLewuYUrT32NAPcIbu2Q. Read 1 comment
Check Out my Music
forum roszannadigital: https://soundcloud.com/roszannadigital/lost-world-white-flowers Read 1 comment
STFU Edinburgh / Glasgow 2014!
forum delete: Second STFU this year! Woohooo!! If you're in town, come one over & let's geek out. Fri Read 1 comment
[ep] JTPE - Segment II (upitup)
forum tylth: simply link to your track on soundcloud or the mp3-file that you’ve uploaded somewhere. there's a deotester: please explain me how i can upload Music here Read 2 comments
Nick Notis at Studio 7 in Seattle on Aug
forum nicknotis: For anyone around Seattle this August 23rd, I'll be performing my first and probably only live la Read 1 comment
forum tylth: … actually quite a cool resource#1! http://www.soundstosample.com/blog/category/pro-tips check Read 1 comment
Sharing A miX juSt fOr fuN
forum tylth: who else has got a mix to share?? tylth: decreasing global BPM while playing a file in "complex pro" in ableton yields intere tylth: ***EM411 exclusive*** genre: sugartunes/rock/alternative runtime: 1h08min tracklist: can’t be a Read 3 comments
forum tylth: just want to spread the word about this service real quick: https://microsmiles.com/ the basic Read 1 comment
Looking for the ideal electronic instrum
forum tylth: additionally// in the last couple of years, music world has seen the advent of a new breed of midi tylth: i don’t think the “ideal electronic instrument" does exist. however, the attempts to mak BreakbeatAesthe: Hi all, It's been a long time since I've used this forum, and completed any music. This is Read 3 comments
STFU Dresden 2014
forum tylth: STFU teaser rocks the potis off of my controller! https://vimeo.com/95198597 tylth: [happy] delete: we're countin on ya tylth! Read 5 comments
Live Noise Cancellation
forum tylth: in russia, carpets tie the room together—hanging on the wall! Radio909: A few years ago I discovered that technology was waiting to catch up in terms of software based room Read 2 comments
Jenn Bocian
forum genesisDoes1t: https://vimeo.com/79530751 Listen to this cool music and video by Jenn Bocian Read 1 comment
ultimate paulstretch
Plugexpert - Electra Ep (jukestepidmz bandcamp release)
zigzagzeit: my new album, free to DL
blog nicknotis: I really enjoyed listening to this. There's nice variety of textures, as well as a nice mix of fro Read 1 comment
New EP released!
nicknotis: I can hear why you put "It Looks Like Rain" as the default song for playback. It's def Read 1 comment
Internet ? Partage
feathermeal ep!!1
energygiant: uh.......no.......... energygiant: hey tom, thank you so much for that! you're a swell guy. and thank you nick, your opinion is hig nicknotis: I enjoyed this release a lot too. There's a lot of nice little design details in the mixes. Compo Read 9 comments
STFU Constance 2013 :: line-up & more
tylth: ^ artists are: wolfgang storch, tylth, weird phase, quip and unknown forces of everyday life. tylth: here's the link to a recording of the live improv session that went down at the STFU on sunday, it Unknownforce: no vids but i could make some anim gifs? :) Read 11 comments
Exai y/n?
delete: definitely y, even though i remember enjoying autechre more in the past (draft 7.30). but that may s lysdexic: right now, this is my favorite autechre album. i was the same way about untilted when that came out, nicknotis: You critics of the album have made a lot of compelling points. I hear what all of you are talking a Read 13 comments
name that tune
blog energygiant: no doubt, i can see why it appeals blockhead: energygiant: yeah. that's it! You nailed it. :) Icona "I Love It (I don't care)" Tha energygiant: youtube.com/watch?v=3yRS2AosFvY Read 6 comments
Time to STFU
tylth: [i]Palac[/i] is now [i]Peter Prautzsch[/i] delete: [quote=Unknownforce]I have a question - is this going to be awesome?[/quote] The Surgeon General tylth: [i]Palac[/i] has been added to the line-up. Awesome! [happy] Read 29 comments
anyone in Boston?
blog delete: cool, thanks flies, noted for next time. flies: rather late to the party, but non-event is a great outfit setting up experimental music concerts in TomPhonic: [quote=delete]i <3 NYC! now trying to get used to the 2am curfew... found a nice place for indie Read 5 comments
2013 Sketchbook Project
blog Unknownforce: and Alex, it's a mixture of imagination and reality - but mostly the former! Unknownforce: that could be next year's project... energygiant: so many disembodied heads! is there another one laying around somewhere with tons of decapitated cor Read 6 comments
Working with vocalists
blog astroid: I have had mixed luck with this... mainly because I'm such a control freak that I have to fucking c TomPhonic: Reminds me a bunch of Ultraísta, which I think is fantastic. chrisallen: Handing a few tracks to a vocalist initially is kind of difficult for me since I try to provide some Read 4 comments
EMU e4 and round robin samples
blog ekstrak: I always just used velocity for this. Unfortunately there's nothing auto you could hook up that I c clip: shit fuck lalal puj puk Read 2 comments
Where are all the people?
blog n9: http://instagram.com/jdgesus n9: JDG is alive and well. ass in a bike seat, beer in hand. dkarma: Glad to see so many of the old skool peeps are still around. Sad to say that i've put music aside Read 45 comments
dr skime (bla) live at tfl nye
blog bla: nice one skippy! working on some rx7 beats now. not as good as the rx5 but more sounds skiptracer: This is so sick. I put it on the big Face and you got a bunch of likes. AndrewBrewer: Really like it! I'm following u now on the cloud. Going to check out your other tracks. ( my s Read 3 comments
it's been a while
blog papergoose: <3 <3 <3 flies: Yes, we remember. Social media at em411, but the wind still whistles through the halls. energygiant: i remember you! Read 3 comments
Autistici - Beneath Peaks
flies: just listened to the first few tracks on the preview. Really interesting stuff. I have a copy of y Read 1 comment
crossing the pond
delete: [quote=tylth]hey that's one more year for organizing an stfu in europe![/quote] fo shizzle tylth: hey that's one more year for organizing an stfu in europe! delete: not yet. i actually got a 1-year extension of my contract here, so i'll have some more time to take Read 19 comments
What color does the dial-tone sound like?
blog delete: [quote=Fredo]deep (almost purple) blue[/quote] with a black background oxymoron: Magenta (purple-red; is that the right name for it?) Fredo: deep (almost purple) blue Read 11 comments
Chord's Year as a Ghost release on basic_sounds netlabel
nicknotis: I really enjoyed this release. As always, thanks for sharing the lossless version. Read 1 comment
Cage is 100
blog tylth: good stuff to explore, applaud not music related but i could share this: [url=http://www.brainpic Read 1 comment
"Good Luck Knowing" by Tom Phonic out on Memoryf
delete: got reviewed: http://www.frostclick.com/wp/index.php/2012/10/04/tom-phonic-good-luck-knowing/ :) TomPhonic: Thanks bla! bla: heard some of this on soundcloud yeah its good Read 3 comments
It has been a while. Here's what I've been up to.
TomPhonic: Hey Pextris! Awesome!!! I'm glad to hear you are still doing things like this and that it's brough dkarma: PEX!!!! Long ass time man! Hope things are cool! What up to all my old skool pplz still around. D astroid: shits craycray pex, nice work Read 6 comments
Erich Schall's Direction released on basic_sounds netlabel!
nicknotis: This is yet another quality release from Basic Sounds. Great front and back layering in these mixes Read 1 comment