[EdP071] VA - From Ritual to Romance
[EdP070] VA - The Golden Bough
[Christmas-Jungle] Jubal - Rampapampage
No Résumés
dug - live @ STFU 2014
The Handsomest Drowned Man - Circles
Segment II-B EP track
Cut Right To Standard
14CIRCLES - "Phone"
Give ME FEED BACK (electro house)
forum clamboni: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHcmfKrauGo&list=UUyPyLewuYUrT32NAPcIbu2Q. Read 1 comment
Check Out my Music
forum roszannadigital: https://soundcloud.com/roszannadigital/lost-world-white-flowers Read 1 comment
STFU Edinburgh / Glasgow 2014!
forum delete: Second STFU this year! Woohooo!! If you're in town, come one over & let's geek out. Fri Read 1 comment
[ep] JTPE - Segment II (upitup)
Rick Ochoa (1973-2014) retrospective
David Peck - "( )THE CLOCK"
Lord Hammer
Tribal Loopy
Look away and delete me
I'm Not Saying It Was Aliens but dude it
The shiny Gaza
forum tylth: simply link to your track on soundcloud or the mp3-file that you’ve uploaded somewhere. there's a deotester: please explain me how i can upload Music here Read 2 comments
David Peck - "Seasonshift"
Flarup - Alive (feat. Kris Bolvig)
Calika - Blelly (Autistici - remix)
schafferdavid: Yeah, like it too... nicknotis: Fantastic stuff. I'm going to listen several more times just to take it all in. Read 2 comments
Nick Notis at Studio 7 in Seattle on Aug
forum nicknotis: For anyone around Seattle this August 23rd, I'll be performing my first and probably only live la Read 1 comment
V4W.ENKO - "04122520122237"
nicknotis: I finally got around to buying this release today. The whole thing completely interesting, from con Read 1 comment
forum tylth: … actually quite a cool resource#1! http://www.soundstosample.com/blog/category/pro-tips check Read 1 comment
Sharing A miX juSt fOr fuN
forum tylth: who else has got a mix to share?? tylth: decreasing global BPM while playing a file in "complex pro" in ableton yields intere tylth: ***EM411 exclusive*** genre: sugartunes/rock/alternative runtime: 1h08min tracklist: can’t be a Read 3 comments
forum tylth: just want to spread the word about this service real quick: https://microsmiles.com/ the basic Read 1 comment
Looking for the ideal electronic instrum
forum tylth: additionally// in the last couple of years, music world has seen the advent of a new breed of midi tylth: i don’t think the “ideal electronic instrument" does exist. however, the attempts to mak BreakbeatAesthe: Hi all, It's been a long time since I've used this forum, and completed any music. This is Read 3 comments
STFU Dresden 2014
forum tylth: STFU teaser rocks the potis off of my controller! https://vimeo.com/95198597 tylth: [happy] delete: we're countin on ya tylth! Read 5 comments
Live Noise Cancellation
forum tylth: in russia, carpets tie the room together—hanging on the wall! Radio909: A few years ago I discovered that technology was waiting to catch up in terms of software based room Read 2 comments
Jenn Bocian
forum genesisDoes1t: https://vimeo.com/79530751 Listen to this cool music and video by Jenn Bocian Read 1 comment
Site Bug
forum tylth: yeah, THAT is the bug that’s bothering me the most on the site. that i can’t link to my G+ profi everamzah: func-link.php converts \\\"+\\\" symbol in URL to %20, breaking li Read 2 comments
NI Massive release times
forum north: sorted it, I was assuming that the amp section of each oscillator would control the release of a sou north: Hi everyone, looking for a little help with my first post on here! I have started using NI Massive a Read 2 comments
Em411 exclusive
forum adcBicycle: where is everyone? umami: BOGDAN 4 EVA prugelknaben: Yeah. Read 6 comments
I am there
forum applaud: http://www.adelaidefestival.com.au/2014/music/unsound_adelaide applaud: Next year at Adelaide Festival.... Unsound Festival with Morton Subotnik, Nurse with Wound, Stars of Read 2 comments
forum delete: and yes, you can make music with them: http://www.musicradar.com/news/tech/korg-and-littlebits-synth delete: if you're soldering-challenged, like me, but like noodling around with electronics, here's som Read 2 comments
Getting gigs - what works?
forum hecanjog: (That has been my experience anyhow!) hecanjog: Putting on shows yourself is a great thing! My favorite places to play in any city are usually artis michaelforrest: I'm interested in hearing how others look for gigs, particularly when employing esoteric electron Read 3 comments
New Phylum Sinter Album - Escape Key
forum hardvoltnine: NicE! never heard before. thanks for sharing. lysdexic: Anyone remember this guy? Been enjoying this a lot. 1. Phylum Sinter - Wisercracker 3.05 2. Phyl Read 2 comments
em411 on spotify
forum yghartsyrt: Thanks Juice. Glad you liked it airliner: My recent Miniature Airlines material is up there, via Pleasure Boat Records. The back catalog might dubchieftain: Greetings I used to be called monty on here. I have a couple of releases under Dub Chieftain on s Read 14 comments
Leap Motion controller - You got one?
forum quip: i played with. will get back to you . live i would let someone else use it i think Jenoki: I pre-ordered one late last year. Arrived just a couple days after launch. Of course, people hav Read 2 comments
EM411 2013 Edition
forum dubchieftain: yay! i used to be monty. glad to the see the site is still kicking. KidQuaalude: [poop] hardvoltnine: Who am? Can we log in by username again? I don\'t remember my email address for my other acco Read 10 comments
ultimate paulstretch
Plugexpert - Electra Ep (jukestepidmz bandcamp release)
zigzagzeit: my new album, free to DL
blog nicknotis: I really enjoyed listening to this. There's nice variety of textures, as well as a nice mix of fro Read 1 comment
New EP released!
nicknotis: I can hear why you put "It Looks Like Rain" as the default song for playback. It's def Read 1 comment
Korg Volca series' effect on music
forum doporto: It's seldom about the gear and often about what you do with it. admin: Hey Skab, how you get one so early? skab: I've got the Keys and the Bass and I'm waiting on my Beats to arrive. As for the Roland sound. Read 6 comments
Internet ? Partage
feathermeal ep!!1
energygiant: uh.......no.......... energygiant: hey tom, thank you so much for that! you're a swell guy. and thank you nick, your opinion is hig nicknotis: I enjoyed this release a lot too. There's a lot of nice little design details in the mixes. Compo Read 9 comments
STFU Constance 2013 :: line-up & more
tylth: ^ artists are: wolfgang storch, tylth, weird phase, quip and unknown forces of everyday life. tylth: here's the link to a recording of the live improv session that went down at the STFU on sunday, it Unknownforce: no vids but i could make some anim gifs? :) Read 11 comments
Exai y/n?
delete: definitely y, even though i remember enjoying autechre more in the past (draft 7.30). but that may s lysdexic: right now, this is my favorite autechre album. i was the same way about untilted when that came out, nicknotis: You critics of the album have made a lot of compelling points. I hear what all of you are talking a Read 13 comments
name that tune
blog energygiant: no doubt, i can see why it appeals blockhead: energygiant: yeah. that's it! You nailed it. :) Icona "I Love It (I don't care)" Tha energygiant: youtube.com/watch?v=3yRS2AosFvY Read 6 comments
Time to STFU
tylth: [i]Palac[/i] is now [i]Peter Prautzsch[/i] delete: [quote=Unknownforce]I have a question - is this going to be awesome?[/quote] The Surgeon General tylth: [i]Palac[/i] has been added to the line-up. Awesome! [happy] Read 29 comments
anyone in Boston?
blog delete: cool, thanks flies, noted for next time. flies: rather late to the party, but non-event is a great outfit setting up experimental music concerts in TomPhonic: [quote=delete]i <3 NYC! now trying to get used to the 2am curfew... found a nice place for indie Read 5 comments
Proposal for renovation/update of em411.
forum Juice: notifications of some sort? comments on your posts or posts you've commented on? Juice: this tall skinny font is making me feel especially short and fat. i feel like fb "likes&q kidko: omghi everyone. It's weirdly not em without avatars, but that would cost more money than a site t Read 8 comments
2013 Sketchbook Project
blog Unknownforce: and Alex, it's a mixture of imagination and reality - but mostly the former! Unknownforce: that could be next year's project... energygiant: so many disembodied heads! is there another one laying around somewhere with tons of decapitated cor Read 6 comments
Working with vocalists
blog astroid: I have had mixed luck with this... mainly because I'm such a control freak that I have to fucking c TomPhonic: Reminds me a bunch of Ultraísta, which I think is fantastic. chrisallen: Handing a few tracks to a vocalist initially is kind of difficult for me since I try to provide some Read 4 comments
EMU e4 and round robin samples
blog ekstrak: I always just used velocity for this. Unfortunately there's nothing auto you could hook up that I c clip: shit fuck lalal puj puk Read 2 comments
Where are all the people?
blog n9: http://instagram.com/jdgesus n9: JDG is alive and well. ass in a bike seat, beer in hand. dkarma: Glad to see so many of the old skool peeps are still around. Sad to say that i've put music aside Read 45 comments
minimal sine-tone rec's
forum tylth: i guess you may have heard about Oval and PanSonic, i feel they may fit the pattern flies: I've been getting into Kenneth Kirschner's ealier work. It tends to focus on sine tones with a fe Read 2 comments
dr skime (bla) live at tfl nye
blog bla: nice one skippy! working on some rx7 beats now. not as good as the rx5 but more sounds skiptracer: This is so sick. I put it on the big Face and you got a bunch of likes. AndrewBrewer: Really like it! I'm following u now on the cloud. Going to check out your other tracks. ( my s Read 3 comments
it's been a while
blog papergoose: <3 <3 <3 flies: Yes, we remember. Social media at em411, but the wind still whistles through the halls. energygiant: i remember you! Read 3 comments
Autistici - Beneath Peaks
flies: just listened to the first few tracks on the preview. Really interesting stuff. I have a copy of y Read 1 comment
crossing the pond
delete: [quote=tylth]hey that's one more year for organizing an stfu in europe![/quote] fo shizzle tylth: hey that's one more year for organizing an stfu in europe! delete: not yet. i actually got a 1-year extension of my contract here, so i'll have some more time to take Read 19 comments
What color does the dial-tone sound like?
blog delete: [quote=Fredo]deep (almost purple) blue[/quote] with a black background oxymoron: Magenta (purple-red; is that the right name for it?) Fredo: deep (almost purple) blue Read 11 comments
Chord's Year as a Ghost release on basic_sounds netlabel
nicknotis: I really enjoyed this release. As always, thanks for sharing the lossless version. Read 1 comment
Cage is 100
blog tylth: good stuff to explore, applaud not music related but i could share this: [url=http://www.brainpic Read 1 comment
"Good Luck Knowing" by Tom Phonic out on Memoryf
delete: got reviewed: http://www.frostclick.com/wp/index.php/2012/10/04/tom-phonic-good-luck-knowing/ :) TomPhonic: Thanks bla! bla: heard some of this on soundcloud yeah its good Read 3 comments
It has been a while. Here's what I've been up to.
TomPhonic: Hey Pextris! Awesome!!! I'm glad to hear you are still doing things like this and that it's brough dkarma: PEX!!!! Long ass time man! Hope things are cool! What up to all my old skool pplz still around. D astroid: shits craycray pex, nice work Read 6 comments
Erich Schall's Direction released on basic_sounds netlabel!
nicknotis: This is yet another quality release from Basic Sounds. Great front and back layering in these mixes Read 1 comment